mindset · 06. November 2020
As a life coach, my specialty is asking questions. And it's a habit I encourage wherever I can. Question yourself, question your thoughts, question your life choices, ect. Become a question wizzard!
personal growth · 27. September 2020
I've been practising yoga on and off since my early 20s. Yoga was physical to me. A form of exercise. It's taken me years - and a wonderful teacher - to understand how yoga is so much more than the asanas and how a "yoga mindset" can help me in my daily life. 
personal growth · 26. August 2020
My niece has turned into my biggest teacher yet. And I wrote about it in an article published on The Tattooed Buddha. Also, aren't we cute in twinning stripes? :-)
self-care · 30. Juni 2020
Self-care is one of my favourite topics AND things to do :-) If you are struggling with it, read on for some practical inspiration on how and why to make it part of your daily life.
personal growth · 07. Juni 2020
You've done it before and you can do it again. Leaving our comfort zone often takes courage and can be scary and exhausting. But it is worth it. My article on what helps me to make that step has now been published on Tiny Buddha.
mindset · 27. Mai 2020
Having a positive mindset does not mean being happy all the time. What it does mean and how it helps us especially in times of crisis is what I wrote about in my guest blog for Cara at My Girlfriend Voice.
grief · 27. Mai 2020
Checking in with your expectations of the world around you. Do we expect for others to read our minds or are we communicating our needs clearly? And what that has to do with a motherless Mother's Day - read this month's blogpost to find out.
compassion · 29. April 2020
In what ways I think the pandemic is no different from "normal" times.
compassion · 30. März 2020
How are you? How are you REALLY doing? Let's face it, the pandemic is affecting all of us - to different degrees for sure, but all our lives have changed to some extent. And my gentle advice is this: be less judgemental and show yourself and others some compassion during this crisis.
transformation · 29. Februar 2020
Morning rituals have become a thing. I'll be honest: even the term itself does not appeal to me... It sounds like too much work first thing in the morning. Nevertheless, I do believe that the way we start the day highly impacts on the rest of the day. So, here's a suggestion on how you can easily create a morning ritual that doesn't take more than a few seconds.

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