mindset · 23. Mai 2021
To shop or not to shop
More than a year of almost not (clothes/shoe) shopping. Never thought I'd last this long, to be honest. And also very happy about having lifted my self-imposed ban. Here's what I learned.
mindset · 29. Januar 2021
The one where I got stopped by police
You are not your thoughts. But your thoughts matter. Another story about what mindfulness brings to the table and a personal reminder to arrange my car's MOT... Intrigued? Possibly not... but if you are: read on! :-)
mindset · 06. November 2020
As a life coach, my specialty is asking questions. And it's a habit I encourage wherever I can. Question yourself, question your thoughts, question your life choices, ect. Become a question wizzard!
mindset · 27. Mai 2020
Having a positive mindset does not mean being happy all the time. What it does mean and how it helps us especially in times of crisis is what I wrote about in my guest blog for Cara at My Girlfriend Voice.
mindset · 21. November 2019
I think celebrating Thanksgiving is great! But I also think that giving thanks is something we should incorporate into every day. Once you really start thinking about what you can be grateful for, it's amazing how many things come to mind - which in itself will make you feel good! Besides, studies have proven a number of significant benefits of gratitude. Read on for three things that gratitude changed for me.
mindset · 27. September 2019
Have you ever tasted Waldmeister? Read on to find out what candyfloss has to do with indescribable feelings and wanting to be understood.
mindset · 13. Juni 2019
If you follow my insta account, you will know that I am partial to 'words of wisdom quotes' (I am aware that some people think they are just meaningless platitudes but I happen to love them - mostly). But there is one that really winds me up. And that is anything along the lines of "never give up". Quite naturally, given how often I have quit things in my life, I guess. Read on to find out why I think it's bullshit - and not just because I personally may feel criticized for my choices ;-)