About my coaching

What coaching means to me


I see coaching as a tool that helps tap into the knowledge that lies within each of us. As a coach, I am simply a facilitator. With coaching, you generally see progress very quickly, often right from the first session. It might be small steps at first, but they all add up.


To me, coaching focuses on making changes in the present for a different future. It’s not always necessary to understand all the details on why we got to where we are in order to figure out where we want to be and how we get there. Of course, sometimes it also makes sense to identify the roots of our beliefs or behaviours, and that can also be part of our coaching. Even then the emphasis for me is about making changes in the present.


Coaching is also fun! I encourage you to allow yourself to be playful with whatever is on your mind. Tap into your creativity and open yourself up to new ways of being and thinking and feeling.


I look forward to hearing from you!



A word of warning!


Fully committing yourself to the coaching process might be exhausting, frustrating and hard work at times. It will also be absolutely worthwhile! Be prepared to acknowledge and notice all the emotions and thoughts that may come up in the process.


“I cannot do this/achieve that.... I am simply this or that way.... I tried and it didn’t work. I am not strong/courageous/smart... enough!"

These are statements, I really have issues with. Not only do I fully believe that you are capable, I also strongly feel that having the above mindset will not allow you to grow and move on.


I personally experienced (and am still experiencing) overcoming my own obstacles. You can therefore be reassured that I can totally relate to those thoughts, but will nevertheless work on banishing them from your vocabulary! :-)


Here is just one example:


I was painfully shy as a kid and teenager. My mum claims that for a whole year I refused to speak to anyone in kindergarten. I was terrified to go anywhere where I didn’t know anyone. I got anxious calling the pizza delivery place to order pizza. Just to give you an idea...

Nonetheless, I found myself on a plane to the UK, where I was about to start university. I had never been to the city, I didn’t know a single person over there and English was not my mother tongue.
I remember vividly sitting on that plane and crying my eyes out, asking myself what the hell I was thinking and why I was doing this to myself.

My brother had written me a letter, which I opened and read on the plane. While I do not remember the exact content, I remember that it was full of encouragement, expressing his belief in me. Even though I did not believe it myself, he had every confidence that I would manage.

And here are the two lessons I learned:


Outside our comfort zone are so many opportunities: that is where the wonderful and fulfilling life takes place. I vow to myself never not to do something because of fear. Yes, it can be tough and there may be tears, but whatever the outcome, it’s worth pushing through.

And secondly: we do not have to do the journey by ourselves. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and who will cheer you on when the going gets tough (and vice versa). It’s no weakness to ask for help.