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Thank you so much for that really lovely coaching session. You were right on point with me and have given me a great deal to think about. ... you have given me permission to think about other possibilities. Thank you thank you thank you.


Diane Ferrara, Rhode Island/USA

I was amazed by how effectively Karen helped me synthesize my ideas and give focus to my plans for the future. She is an inspiring coach with awesome attention to detail!

Karen provided me with my first real insights into how well a really good coach can help you to analyse your information and facilitate decision making.

Professor Alasdair Gibb, London/UK

Karen has such a warm, caring personality that you can't help but open up to her. She really helped me pinpoint what was holding me back from going after my dreams. In my case it was my own negative self-talk. Although we live on different continents, I feel closer to her, just from the first session, than I do to most people I talk to every day. 


Amy Klco, Michigan/USA

I had a coaching session with Karen when I was going through a really difficult time at work. Karen helped me with practical coping tips and helped me put in place some techniques for the future going forward.

My job situation is in a much better place and I still use the techniques now. I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Karen!

Natasha Joyner, London/UK


The sessions with Karen were fantastic in general. And the session we had about my career development was magic! I had no idea what to do, but afterwards I had loads of ideas. I'd also like to thank Karen for the information she sent between sessions, so I could continually do research and find out more. I now have a clear plan and am looking forward to starting my very exciting future.

Aimee, London/UK


I find it very easy to open up to Karen and she always asks the right questions to prompt my thoughts and guide positive steps. She's very perceptive and personable and her wisdom really shines through her coaching. Her insights have been invaluable to me.

Gemma, London/UK


Das Coaching mit Karen war für mich trotz eigener Erfahrung ein großartiges Erlebnis. Sie hat es in kurzer Zeit geschafft, mit den richtigen Fragen die Probleme meiner gegenwärtigen Situation zu identifizieren, zu analysieren und praktikable Lösungsvorschläge zu entwickeln. Meine Skepsis einer solchen Sitzung gegenüber ist völlig verschwunden.

Ich möchte mich noch einmal herzlich bedanken und kann nur sagen, jede Minute des Coachings war es wert.

Jeanette, Weimar/Deutschland


Karens Coaching hat mir sehr geholfen, bestimmte Themen von einem ganz anderen Blickwinkel zu sehen. Ich hatte sehr viel Spaß und konnte viel Nützliches mitnehmen. Mit den neuen Techniken fühle ich mich viel entspannter und ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Treffen.

Tom, Kolbermoor/Deutschland


Ich danke Dir so sehr für die Sessions, sie haben mir geholfen, mich in die richtige Richtung zu bewegen und positiver zu denken.

G, München/Deutschland