Rules and regulations

As I was lying in bed and trying to go to sleep on 30th October, it suddenly hit me that I hadn’t yet started my October newsletter… For a brief moment, I started forming ideas in my head and wondered whether I’d be able to turn it around in just one day. Or even to get up right away to write it. And then I thought: F*ck it! It’s my newsletter and I am making the “rules” about it. So what if it doesn’t go out another month?


Our whole life is regulated. And in times of Corona and second lockdowns/shutdowns or whatever they are being called, we are more aware of it than ever. Then in addition to laws and what is deemed “socially acceptable”, we make up our own rules. Such as: I have to send out a newsletter every month or that my blogposts have to have a certain length…


Christmas is coming up. For now, we of course don’t know what Corona rules will be for wherever we are. I have heard some people say, how having to celebrate socially distanced might actually be a blessing. Then there are of course all the people who fear the loneliness which seems to be worse on days like Christmas.


So, this month’s invite to you all is to spend some time in self-enquiry. What rules are you living by? And are they advancing or hindering your life? What are they rooted in? And are they really yours or have you taken them on from someone else? You have permission to spend Christmas alone or not with family that annoy the hell out of you, even if your government doesn’t forbid it! 😉


Equally: what are your core values? And do you actually live by them? Not living by our core values inevitably leads to deep unhappiness.


As always I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this! 

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