8 things I learned from watching my mum die

In 2012 my mum got diagnosed with cancer. After an operation, she was cancer-free for some time when in March 2017 it was discovered that the cancer had returned and had spread everywhere, notably to her lungs. In July 2017 she moved into a hospice and four weeks later she died. Her last four weeks were the toughest in my life so far and the first time I experienced the death of somebody close, and from such close quarters. At the same time it also turned out to be the most rewarding time.


One of the things that struck me was that almost everyone has or will experience the death of a loved one. It had such a monumental impact on me, and I can only assume that it does for a lot of people, too, and so I would like to share my story. My story has now been published on the Tiny Buddha website. Maybe others will find it helpful to read about the lessons I learned, which arose from a very specific situation but which I feel are equally applicable to other challenging situations in life.

If it resonates, please feel free to message me.

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